Monday, January 28, 2008

The State of Confusion

Bush's State of the Union address-- thankfully, his last-- offered warmed over platitudes and a silver platter of goodies for the rich. But just to let the rest of us know he cares, he's willing to sign away $600. to each of us little people, the electorate, to save the economy. The war? Oh, going just fine, thanks to the surge. Health care, global warming, science? Why it's all taken care of-- Don't you worry.

Bush-- Can he hear us?

Meanwhile, the networks, television news, and media hype have managed to open up a rift among the Democrats. They have parted the Blue Sea of support for "change" to reveal a race war between the first black president (as he was known by clever black authors) Bill Clinton and , yes, the Kennedys, or at least three of them. It's Bill vs. Obama (or Black on Black violence as the Dailey show put it).
Will the Jackass snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory? Or will the white elephants storm troop through Florida to mayhem on the 5th of Feb.? Stay tuned. It's worse than you think. Honestly? Obama sounds just fine-- and so does Hillary. Despite all their attempts to undermine, the media falls flat and the winds of change, trite and meaningless though they may be, blow hard and unstoppable.

Rep. Barney Frank said the president's remarks were

Rep. Barney Frank, the powerful and out gay chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said the president's remarks were "setting a bad precedent."

Oh yes, my favorite image of the night? George W. Bush hugging Barney Frank, putting his hand on his neck and talking away, as Frank tried frankly to squirm away from the embrace. I wish I had a photo of my t.v. screen.


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