Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK/ Bayard Rustin

As politicians and celebrities gather to honor Dr. Martin Luther King here in Atlanta, we should also remember the life of Bayard Rustin. (click)

A good source of information about the gay civil rights activist who organized the March on Washington where Dr. King gave his "I Have a Dream" speech is Brother Outsider, a PBS special (click) on Rustin's contribution to the Civil Rights movement.

We have a black person and a woman leading in the race for President of the U.S. Yet it may be a long time before we have an openly gay candidate leading in this contest. The Civil Rights movement still has far to go before achieving Dr. King's dream.

Read the SOVO article:
Remembering Rustin

spacer Top: Bayard Rustin (right) with Martin Luther King Jr. (center) and Ralph Abernathy in 1956. Bottom: Bayard Rustin in 1969. (Photos by AP)
Remembering Rustin
Surviving partner returns to ATL to honor King's gay advisor

Fight for Civil Rights and equality.


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