Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eat Your Beats

As the world economy tanks, as war rages on, as hip politicians pose as caring, loving gurus, what better time to remember

The Beat Generation?

Allen Ginsberg
Tulane Campus
New Orleans, 1971

Photo by Jack

Lawrence Ferlinghetti:
City Lights Publisher
San Francisco, 1980
by Jack

Writers, Artists, Musicians...
Dharma Bums, Dope Smokers...
Acid Droppers, Sexual Deviates...
Left Wing Rads...
Non-Conforming Hippies...
and Journeyers to faraway lands,
They created a counter-culture with a morality and life affirmation to confront the Eisenhower blahs, and more importantly, the Nixon hysteria and war-mongering, the Imperialist doctrine of conquest and exploitation,
and the mindless inertia of the American middle-class.
With America crying out for change, Lets produce a climate where
The times-- they are a changin'.... Back to the Beats, back to the 70s. Only better, so much better...

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To be continued...

Allen Ginsberg
Songs of Innocence
Olivier House
New Orleans

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