Sunday, June 23, 2019

Hawaii: Three Islands, Three States of Mind


The first reaction on landing on Kauai is euphoria. The hotel welcoming van whisks us along the Eastern shore of the island. Sea, mountains, and the ocean air lift our spirits. Our room opens to a balcony with a view of the beach and ocean, opens to sound and wind that signify healing, healing the soul, tired from hours of flight and whatever annoyances we have left behind. The euphoria comes again with the sunrise of our first full day. This is the time of recovery from jet lag, of acclimation, and of appreciation of the new environment.
The second day brought the additional joy of meeting friends again, giving hem welcoming leis of real, fragrant flowers, and heading to our new abode on the Western shore of Kauai.

Our shared cottage on the shore of Waimea.

 Black Sand Beach

The Na Pali Coast from land and sea.

The Big Island (Nostalgia)

After the two part flight to Hawaii from Kauai via Oahu, a flight right over Diamond Head, we acquired a car in Hilo, bought groceries at Safeway, and made the drive to Nihole, the town where our new home was. The house was an estate, gorgeous gardens, a wonderful view of the ocean, and a pool with a sign saying "closed." The house must have been a palace once, a luxurious mansion on the cliffs above the sea. Now it is deteriorating, left poorly cared for, as was the pool which had been one of its drawing points for us. The house had a gorgeous kitchen, three bedrooms, and all the necessities well supplied. For the closed, non-maintained pool, we got a one day refund. 
The Big Island has always been a magical place for me, the nights of singing, Caribbean  Coquí frogs, the two high mountains, the hot, living lava, and especially Kalani. Our friend Tiki, once the manager of Kalani, met us at the Hilo Bay Cafe for lunch, and we were all three: Tiki, Darryl, and myself, filled with nostalgia for all the time we have spent here. Nostalgia was the dominant emotion for me as I recalled times on the peak of Mauna Kea, the view of the stars, the nude beach near Kalani, and all the times I stayed there. Everything we did, even eating at Merriman's,  reminded me of past stays, including seeing the Waipio Valley.

Waipio Valley Overlook

Our Estate 

Hapuna Beach

Mauna Kea

Maui (Ataraxia)

The flight to and over Maui was easy and stunning. The drive to the Makena area where our B&B was located was also easy. The doors to our respective rooms were open and welcoming. The pool and gardens were a delight to behold and enjoy. Our hostess, filling in for the owning gay couple (Mark and Steve) did all she could to make us feel at home, including a demonstration poolside of how to carve and eat mangoes. The house and the subsequent visits to Lahaina for music, and a visit to the Buddha, Haleakala for splendor and a hike in the Hosmer Grove cloud forest, and Makena Beach, Big and Little, where I joined the drum circle and swam naked in the Pacific, all provided a rich sense of transcendence and tranquility. 

Iao Needle

Makena Beach


Buddha of Maui