Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Make no mistake, 200 delegates or no delegates, Hillary Clinton got nearly a million votes in Florida, far more than McCain-- who gets all the Republican delegates-- and almost twice as many as Obama. This sets the stage for next Tuesday, Super Tuesday.

Read what Salon has to say:

Reuters/Brian Snyder

Did Hillary Clinton really win in Florida?

She trounced Obama by 17 points -- but in an outlaw primary whose delegates won't count. Or will they? It all depends on Feb. 5 -- and Democratic Party rules

Above: Hillary Clinton cheers on supporters at a campaign rally in Davie, Fla., after the polls closed Tuesday in the Florida primary election.

With a Hillary v. McCain election in November, the electorate will have a clear choice to make. My hope is that Obama will join with Hillary as V.P. or as an ardent supporter. His Vision and her Know-How are a dream combination.

Happy Days will be here again.

Hippie Hooray.


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