Friday, October 12, 2012

Enough, Already!

Here it is, mid-October. The days are perfect. Color is emerging from the trees. The mountains call. I stretch, yawn, and sigh at the near perfection and at the pleasures of my existence. I read friend Sam Hamill's translations of bisexual sage-poet Basho. 

Despite all the pleasantness, despite the "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness," the national election confounds us all. The debates put in doubt who will be our next leader, and what a difference there is between them. Like Obama, I just smile at the irrational, untruthful, near meaningless onslaught of Mitt, the Chameleon 

Romney's raison-d'etre is to turn the White
 House into a Mormon tabernacle. 
No wonder Obama wanted to roll his eyes
 and say,
 "You call this a debate?"

And so VP Biden was left to defend 

the truth against a brass, brash boy:




Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski :
Reuters with an amazing Biden picture.

The “Come to Jesus” pose.

“This fucking kid!”

Let the gifs begin!

Biden-Ryan Debate: It's All About Joe

Thursday, October 04, 2012

No Mittstake

What the country wants is a Gung-ho masterdebater, one who is rude to the moderator, pays no attention to what the question is, and throws so much bullshit you can't even see the other guy at all. Content? Intelligence? Truth? No one cares about that-- it's how you hold your head and how aggressive you are. It's the act, the whole act, and nothing but the act. Go ahead, ask that egg-head Plato about how to win an election.
What I wrote weeks ago seems truer than ever today: 

Here's my take on the inhumane Mormon who wants to be our leader:

As a teen he bashed a fellow teen for being gay; now candidate Mitt wants to bash the poor, bash the sick, continue to bash gays and women, bash seniors, bash Jimmy Carter, bash the middle class and all those of the 47% who pay no income tax (though most of them pay a lot to payroll taxes), bash immigrants, and perhaps self-bash (because for years he paid no income tax, either). He wants to bash Iran and bash Palestinians, and all who oppose a huge defense budget (though Mitt will bash the veterans who come back injured). He even wants to bash the planet we live on (since he will inhabit another one as a chosen Mormon). Now we all must decide if we really want to elect a Basher-In-Chief...