Sunday, February 18, 2018

Catharsis and Enlightenment, Thanks to Art

There is nothing better than art to give us an enlightening perspective on the world. As we dread what is happening in this country, which is now run (into the ground) by a thug president, there are artistic creations that expose an underbelly of life and the lives of those not in the limelight that reveal not only the truth about what is happening to us, but also what is going to happen as younger generations come to the fore. Many of us live in a world of white privilege, academia, middle class blandness, going day to day in routines that may include a week or two here or there, usually to some oasis of nature and luxury. We have no idea about reality or why things are happening as they do. We are clueless, and like the three monkeys on a temple in Japan, we are deaf, dumb, and blind to the world. Two series running now have reminded me of how out of touch most of us are: Ozark, now filming on our street, and Here and Now by the brilliant Alan Ball. Artists are the ones who are most perceptive, the ones who see through the bubbles and fog most of us are lost in. They may use hyperbole to jolt us, but there you are.


Ron Smith and Joseph Mydell

Ozark | Netflix Official Site

Here and Now

Will Strong Just why Andre Malraux ended up as Director of the Arts in France.