Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hawaii X 8

The Islands of Hawaii

My first experience of Hawaii was in the 1980s when I joined my brother who was house-sitting for a friend in a spacious home looking down on Diamond Head. Not only was it a good time for bonding with John, it was also a time for shedding all my hackneyed preconceptions about Hawaii as a mere tourist destination The Big Island gave me a gut wrenching awareness of another reality. 

John on Oahu

I spent several weeks there over Christmas vacation. John and I flew over to the Big Island and stayed at the Volcano House overlooking Kilauea Volcano. I got sick from the rich food at the lodge or possibly from the fumes I breathed emerging from the steam vents. Perhaps Pele, herself, was initiating me. I have never gotten ill in all the subsequent visits to Hawaii, Hawaii. 

The second trip was in 1991 with Steve and David Killian as a stopover on our trip to Australia. The nice Northwest Airlines agent in Honolulu upgraded Steve and me to first class all the way to Sydney. That was one of the bygone days of flying as a wondrous adventure and a delight. We spent only a few days on Oahu going and returning; but had an enjoyable time on Waikiki. 

The next 5 trips to Hawaii were with Darryl--Four times to the Big Island and once to Maui. Starr joined us for one of our stays on the BI to celebrate her 50th Birthday. The stay in 2008 was transformative and enlightening. Darryl had volunteered at Kalani for 7 weeks and we both had the privilege of experiencing that magical place, together.

The Zen Swing at Kalani

Our 7th Stay was in 2010 when Darryl volunteered at Kalani for 3 months and I joined him at the end of his term.  It was as if this could be our home.

Below are glimpses of our stays in Hawaii over the seven times we were there.  We are now on the eve of our 8th stay on three islands with dear friends Wolfgang and Sebastian...

Big I- Akaka Falls

Our Tree-house Party

Starr over Honolulu

Dar and Starr in the Tree House.

Buddha, Maui

How I Loved nights, floating naked in the Kalani Pool, looking at the Milky Way and all the stars. 

Hapuna Beach, BI

Hiking Haleakala.

The Kalani Pool

Makena Beach, Maui

Sunset and shadow
Mauna Kea, BI

 Gift for Pele

Dar volunteers for the Kitchen

Hapuna Beach