Wednesday, January 22, 2014

High on the Mountain

Two visits to Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga in December and January were splendid: one with Joe, and one to receive a relaxing, soothing massage. Starr was the perfect hostess both visits. On both, we went to Talus and to Tupelo Honey. On both we listened to Radio Paradise and sat by a roaring fire in the fireplace. Here are some photos:

Trip One:

Joe Mydell and Sophie

Joe Mydell and Starr Tays
at Talus on the Mt.

 Art along the Chattanooga Riverfront

Trip Two:

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Another year along Rte 66. Time to revisit the enchanted garden?

Zen Nights Dharma Days

Authored by: 
 Jack Miller

Zen. Sublimity. There are few words to conjure the world of Kalani Honua, a place of rhythms and life. Fortunate are the happy souls who come here, intermingle, and experience such contact with earth, air, volcanic fire, and water-- the ocean and the waterfalls, and the pools of clear healing water. People here connect to the land in a holistic way difficult to imagine on the mainland of the U.S. Everything flows in a harmony that resonates in those who live and work here.
It is easy to photograph the flowers, the pristine beaches, the steam from Kiluea, from Pele. It is easy to imagine, to recall, the joy of sitting in the swing pictured here, gazing at the ocean for whales, for the spume as they catch their breath, dolphins, black crabs scurrying over the black lava rocks. Life is exquisite here, like a rare orchid. The lizard on the sunny sill has found enlightenment.