Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Lookout Chattanooga

Dar and I enjoyed a weekend jaunt to visit Starr at her house on Lookout Mt. I think we were all sad that she has sold the house and will move out November 15. It was a curious trip. Dar and I walked to Point Park. We watched the nearly full Moonrise near the Incline. Darryl bought some fudge to take back to the house.  In Point Park we watched the red, red sunset in the West. We both took photos. 
On our stroll home a police car pulled over beside us. "Are you Jack Miller and Darryl Gossett?" the policeman asked. He told us a lady had reported us missing!
All in all, we had been gone a little over an hour on our walk; it was not yet 8 PM. Starr then called and yelled over the phone that it was dark and where were we. You've been gone three hours, she insisted. A few minutes later we got to the house where the door was locked. Starr was angry and yelling. A bit later she was crying hysterically. I guess the move next month, the death of her brother, the senility of her mother, had all been too emotional for her. Eventually, we all settled down and had beef-vegetable soup.

On Sunday I went with Starr, Brooke, and Chris to the riverfront. We hiked over Walnut Bridge and along the waterfront across the Tennessee River. Then we had drinks at Edwin, the hotel named for the creator of the bridge. It was a gorgeous fall day and we sat out on the terrace overlooking the Hunter Museum and river.
On our Last night Starr and I watched the Durrells as Dar read in the living room.