Sunday, June 04, 2006

When a *Kiss* is not just a kiss...

Brokeback Mountain's momentous kiss, winner of the MTV award for best kiss last night,
makes a good image to send in reply to George W's ploy (See what Bush really thinks...)to rouse the bigot base of his party by urging the Senate to pass a "defense of marriage" amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Radical Right, rather like the KKK, makes most of us cringe with their hatred of all that is different from their narrow-minded, uninformed selves. Religion should be about love and caring for others, not intolerance, damnation, and hatred. Unfortunately, it remains the source for the death of Socrates, the Inquisition, the horrors of the crusades, the suicide bombings of radical Islam, and the list goes on.

All the misguided attempts to suppress love, to call it sin, to make it forbidden, have only made those stolen kisses that much more ecstatic. It is a thrill to see and experience the kiss denied us for so long. At long last, love is conquering those trolls and potentates of religious oppression.

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Finally, we all should have a good laugh at the people (and Congressmen and Bush) who tell us to follow the Bible on marriage:

Here are the rules:

Biblical Principles of Marriage

* Women are the property of their father until married and their husband after that The value of a woman might be approximately seven years’ work

*Marriage consists of one man and one or more women.

*Nothing prevents a man from taking on concubines in addition to the wife or wives he may already have.

*A man might choose any wife, provided only that she is not already another man’s wife or his [half-]sister, nor the mother or the sister of a woman who is already his wife. The concept of a woman giving her consent to being married is foreign to the Biblical mindset.

  • If a woman cannot be proven to be a virgin at the time of marriage, she shall be stoned.
  • A rapist must marry his victim - unless she was already a fiancĂ©, in which case he should be put to death if he raped her in the country, but both of them killed if he raped her in town.
  • If a man dies childless, his brother must marry the widow.
  • Women marry the man of their father’s choosing.
  • Inter-faith marriages are prohibited
  • Divorce is forbidden.
  • Better to not get married at all - although marriage is not a sin.

  • Article with citations:

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