Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summertime (and the livin' is easy)

A trek to Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains marked for us the beginning of summer.

Dar Rocks
Pisgah Inn

As an Epicurean, I enjoyed the local brew, the food, the art, and the nightlife of alternative Asheville. The city's progressive attitude and awareness was everywhere evident, from downtown religious dancers to the dancers of Scandals and other clubs. Starr and I toasted the latter with cosmos in real martini glasses-- our choice in a world of plastic.

We hiked along the trails of Pisgah also, a world removed from the daily bombardment of bad news: air pollution and smog days in Atlanta, faulty levees in New Orleans, U.S. Marine massacres of civilians-- women and babies included--in Iraq, the threat of nuclear warheads in Iran, whose leader denies the holocaust and assails Israel.

Sometimes it's best to regard the beauty of tiny wildflowers to remain sane.

wildflowers along the
Blue Ridge

Photo: Jameson
Happy Trails.


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