Monday, April 09, 2007

Bare Bones

 Bare Bones

What does it take to have a life-long, loving friendship with a bisexual philosopher ruled as much by passion as reason?

First and foremost it takes an infinite list of shared loves and values: philosophers, poets, music, art, films, adventure, non-conformist, creative urges and actions, Walking your Talk. And sacred time together to enjoy and share life, including going on the road together for unexpected adventures.

Then, it takes touch. Letting go of inhibitions, loving the other's body as the temple in which the person's mind/psyche lives. Accepting the other's body not unlike the way we accept our own, as a given. The exact right amount of sexual intimacy, no less, though possibly a bit more than needed.

Come to an understanding of what it means for two psyches to collide, to move to a higher plane than selfishness. A reconciliation of differences, an embrace of similarities to the point of enrichment. A living dialog about everything.

Trust and Honesty. Trust that you will do what you say you will. Trust even in small things, to be considerate, not take each other for granted, or abuse the friendship. Trust that allows you to let down your guard, remove your mask, take off your pants and experience something new. Trust that you will honor this love you have in words and in actions.

 At least once in your lifetime a passionate kiss. A kiss not because one or the other wants it, but because you both want it, hopefully while you are both alive.

January, 2012

It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover.

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