Friday, April 13, 2007

Another W (or Fart Proudly)

W. As in Paul Wolfowitz.

Wolfowitz is the man who, as Deputy Defense Secretary, as architect of the Iraq war, promised our nation that Iraqis would welcome us with roses, that Iraqi oil would pay for the war.
His reward for such Wisdom, the presidency of the World Bank, arranged by President W. himself.

How has this Wolf managed the W. Bank, the mission of which is to end world poverty? Debatable. He did end one person's poverty, his mistriss of many years and tears, Shaha Ali Riza, an Arab feminist. He arranged for her to move to the State Department, to get a tax free salary of almost 200 thousand dollars, more than Secretary Rice.
Riza. Rice. Hmmm.

In this new job Riza got to work with Cheney's non-gay daughter and help that icon of America, Karen Hughes, project to the world a brave new image of the U.S.
Ah, Republican values: family, economy, liberating Iraq. Wolfie has mastered it all. And Ms. Riza surely puts Ms. Lewinsky to shame. How's that for feminism? And as for her Islamic roots, Riza shows the world how best to love what is Jewish.

It is just one more success story from the fairy-tale book of George II: "My Old Pet Goat."

Thanks to the Village Voice for the following:

He gets to play soldier one last time. We'll never forget him.


Cherie A. Thurlby/Defense Dept.

Pompous circumstance: Paul Wolfowitz, who never served in the military, salutes real soldiers honoring him Friday with a ridiculous ceremony at the Pentagon. Below are his daughter Rachel and ex-wife, Clare, sandwiched between Don Rumsfeld's wife, Joyce (right) and General Peter Pace's wife, Lynne. Not pictured is Wolfowitz's girlfriend, Shaha Ali Riza.


See also Richard Cohen:

Wolfowitz: Mission Accomplished?

To quote Ben Franklin,

Fart Proudly!


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