Sunday, April 08, 2007

Asheville Spring '07

Shoji Retreat, Asheville.

photo by Jameson

We celebrated spring by playing in the snowfall in Asheville, and soaking in the hot tub at Shoji (click).

Here are some photos:

Asheville Spring '07

We all enjoyed the local brew, the food, the art, and the nightlife of alternative Asheville. The city's progressive attitude and awareness was everywhere evident, from Malaprops Bookstore to the dancers of Scandals and other clubs.


The mountains of North Carolina
and the city of Asheville.

Here are a few photographs of previous treks to the Blue Ridge:

Looking Glass Falls

Brother John at the Devil's Courthouse

Dillard House Field

All Photos by Jameson

Asheville News


Our Photos of Asheville and friends


Blue Ridge Mountain photos

Our Asheville page

Happy Trails...


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