Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oyster Shooters

You know you are having fun when these are the most delicious delights of the evening:

Oyster Shooters - Down The Hatch!

During the holidays, New Years Eve in particular, Oyster Shooters are a great appetizer, as well as conversation food. Making Oyster Shooters is fairly simple, just be careful when shucking the oyster. After a couple of bandages, you may consider purchasing shucked oysters. Something I learned after trying to be hip, with many bandages-mind you.

You will need: Oyster_shooter_1
Shucked raw oysters
Hot sauce
Worchester sauce
Cocktail sauce
Shot glasses

How you do it:
Place one oyster in shot glass
Add Worchester sauce and cocktail sauce if preferred
Add a couple of drops of hot sauce if preferred
Add beer to about two-thirds of the glass
Add lemon wedge on rim
Cover with hand and gently slam on the counter

Buon Appetito!

Thanks to

for this recipe which follows exactly the shooters we had at Cafe Laffitte In Exile.

(right across the street from the Clover Grill)

Toss 'em down!


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