Friday, December 28, 2007

New Job

This morning I got a new job. I was appointed head of a prestigious university library. The hall in which I work is steeped in history, curiously English history. One of the things I discovered in the library holdings is a huge collection of old coins. I also discovered a number of eccentric employees. A seemingly teenage girl who worked circulation informed me she was dropping off her new schedule and tossed a handwritten and illegible sheet of paper on my desk.


I proposed a display of the coin collection. Then I found that there were a number of cases marked with dates and types, such as $5 gold pieces, that had nothing in them. I also found that my own private coin collection had gotten mixed up in the collection. This worried me.

Then, to my amusement as much as my dismay, the Pre-Raphaelite head of a woman, long flowing hair, looking remarkably like Pandora, flew about my office (was it carried on a broomstick?) proclaiming, "I don't think Mr. Smith (the coin collection's original owner) would want ordinary people gawking at his gold coins!"

All of this commotion has stirred an investigation of the coin collection and the missing coins and why my own coins are mixed in. Who is going to believe that I had nothing to do with the missing gold?

This heady dream owes its existence to KT whose courthouse display and setting were undoubtedly the source of my brain's dawn ruminations....


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