Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shortbus Revisited

On seeing Shortbus a second time, I have to say
"Love is lovlier, the second time around."

The way I see it, this film, a true mindfuck-- in the best possible way-- should become our next Rocky Horror Picture Show.

We should all see it attired as our fave character and have orgiastic sex orgies similar to those on the screen.

Seriously, the only way to approach such a pioneering film is with the legs of the mind wide open, ready to receive the film's deep thrust. The viewer can quibble and find little faults with the plot, like looking for moles on a lover. Or he/she can just lie back and take it in all the way. After that first penetration, go back for a replay. The psyche's second orgasm is even more fulfilling.

You want some pics? Go to the first entry below (click).

Warm Embraces...


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