Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Convent Island

We are thankful
for our room at El Convento (click) and for the lush island of
Puerto Rico. History rich, elegant, flowered San Juan (click) has given us shelter and seafood and island spice.

Luguillo Beach

photo by Jameson

It was splendid being away from the mainland, recalling the Democrats' victory
earlier in the month, and taking joy in the sun and sea breezes on the wide, arching, soft-sand beaches, or hiking in the fresh air of the rainforest, El Yunque (click). Life should always be so exhilerating.

More photos from our visit (click)

Our nights were filled with the sound of coquis:

coqui perched in a Canarion flower Puerto Rico

photo courtesy of wildhorizons.com

This coqui, perched in a Canario flower, gives you a good idea of how small the coquis really are. Photo by Thomas Wiewandt. His website of Nature Photography will open in a new window, close new window to return here.

Website dedicated to coquís.

The Coquí is a small 'singing' tree tree frog found nowhere else in the world. They sing Puerto Rico's lullaby and probably influenced her music.. The frog population in the rain-forest is one of the densest frog populations in the world. There are 14 species of the tiny Coqui, the 'song' is the mating call and starts every afternoon, increasing in volumn with rainfall.

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Happy Peeping! (click to listen)


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