Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Power of Propaganda

This is the most damning 20 minute attack on Hillary Clinton that I have seen. Is it propaganda? Of course; look at how the brief clips jump the decades and select out-of-context quotes. That is not to say there is no truth here; rather that there are truth and lies cleverly blended and slanted for Bernie against Hillary. Had it widely appeared in January, HRC would have had to deal with it and do some serious explanation or refutation of the charges. There is much left out about Bernie's own support for regime change, as well. But I see clearly from this short video just where the hate comes from, how Bernie supporters are so angry and on the point of violence as the convention nears. The message on this video is not one I buy, as well made and clever as it is. It shows the brilliance of Jon Stewart. It also makes more possible the Trump takeover of the country. Someone with the know-how should take on this damnation of Hillary with a video that is just as good a rebuttal. It has not convinced me of much of anything other than that it is volatile and dangerous. It shows how damaging and powerful propaganda can be. Nader appears, arrogant as always, taking no blame for anything but eager to cast it on Democrats. We should all hope Bernie does not put on Nader's hollow crown.
demopocalypse jon stewart comes out of retirement - watch this video, or you can download it here.
Jack Miller It is astounding how well propaganda can work with distortion. I watched the debate from which the long clip from Bernie was taken where he makes the case against regime change. Hillary Clinton's reply should be shown as well; but of course it isn't, as if she is unaware of his simplistic and oft repeated recitation. Bernie actually did vote for regime change and for other bills he attacks her for supporting. The charges against the Clinton Foundation are also skewed and leave out way more than they include. If anything the video makes me more inclined to vote for her, not less; but it does reveal to me the virulent source of all the Hillary hate out there. This is journalism gone awry, used not to give an honest view, but to put one candidate on a pedestal while smearing his opponent. I watched it carefully twice and I find it shameful in its slander, not unlike that of videos produced in totalitarian states.
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Jack Miller If you want no involvement with the Middle-East, no interference with the struggles of other countries, the Libertarian Party is what you are looking for, perhaps. Of course the sad truth is that a huuuge percentage of the electorate is indifferent, gullible, easy to manipulate and persuade with the sophisticated advertising methods now in use. Think how quickly Trump has gone from being a joke to having the support of almost half of those being polled. Extremists of all stripes and spots latch onto slogans they want to hear; just push their buttons. Plato saw it all 2500 years ago and warned us what comes next. https://upload.wikimedia.org/.../Plato_Silanion_Musei...

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