Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Narcissus/ Trump

Narcissus, spawn of Fascism and Capitalism ?

Salvador Dali sold out to capitalism and fascism; Federico Lorca did not; Franco had him shot. As Bernie and Hillary get nasty with each other, Trump ascends the polls. Plato observed how the mob loves to rally 'round the most pompous ass who struts the stage.

NYRB  Essay:

 "From his first words he welcomes us in and his very self-absorption, the narcissist’s fascination with his own sweet self, is the secret of the alarmingly mesmeric quality of his speeches. His one and only subject is himself and if he is frankly fascinated then so are we. We are all enfolded in the warm grandeur of his narcissism."

The Magic of Donald Trump

Observe the celebrity known as Donald Trump saunter onto the stage at Boca Raton...

Narcissus by Dali

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