Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Looking over this blog, I see that I have written nothing here in a month. There are several reasons. The election over, I don't want to continue to dwell on political arguments. With the holidays came brief trips to Dillard and visits from others. We had the perfect white Christmas at the Dillard House with excellent food and half a foot of snow. A fireplace and our suite kept us warm. 

There are plenty of photos:

With January came Starr's three day visit and a New Year's Eve party at Maggie and Joce's home. It was all low key and pleasant. More good food. All through the holidays there was a sense of something I read somewhere that the end of the holidays would bring reality. Alfred Corn, I think it was, who posted some such on his FB page. Starr would get her divorce with all the difficulty that might bring. And Darryl would hear that there is no more work for him now that the editor on maternity leave has decided to return. Hard reality to face as 2011 gets into gear.

The snowstorm and the ice of the past three days have been good for reflection and stepping out of routine. I still don't know what lies ahead for us exactly, but as I read Patti Smith's evoking of her hardship with Mapplethorpe, their days at the Chelsea Hotel, and how their love and creativity blossomed despite poverty and his dying, I think that my life has gotten too soft, too bourgeois, too stalled. And so I repeat my mantra, Get out of Atlanta soon. Finish the novel-- it doesn't matter if it's any good or not-- just finish it. Write poetry. Change my life before I'm too old to change it. 

So the hiatus for this blog may continue yet awhile as I work on the novel. That, for now, is where my heart is--



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