Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ageless Socialism

The 'Filibernie' - Sen. Sanders' 8.5 hour argument against Obama/GOP Tax Deal

When I think of the 69- year-old Senator Bernie Sanders standing and explaining  the flaws in the current deal between Obama and the Republicans to extend tax cuts for all and extend unemployment payments for workers, I am awed by the dedication and purpose of this great statesman. As I try to decide which film to see tonight, as I enjoy my three weeks of vacation from teaching, as I write my self-indulgent blog, and ponder the meaning of life for a queer man in his sixties, Bernie Sanders offers up a burning, shining example of what a meaningful life an aging man can have. Of course, the good Senator comes from a state where people are, for the most part, educated and aware of the benefits of democratic socialism, a state that knows the dangers of unfettered capitalism. A simple drive across this green, lovely, rolling state reveals the enlightened refusal to let business run rampant with billboards and ugly factories. 

File:Vermont fall foliage hogback mountain.JPG
 Vermont in Autumn, from Wikipedia

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