Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tea Bag v. Nickel Bag

Allen Ginsberg on Bourbon Street
photo copyright
Jack Miller

Sunday's New York Times Book Review ended with an absurd comparison of today's Tea Bag movement with that of the Beats. You can read it at:


 Besides claiming they both wanted individual freedom and opposed big government, the article just rambled on about the dissimilar, discordant traits of each.

Even to mention TV clown Glenn Beck in the same breath as Allen Ginsberg is to conjure up, as one of my friends put it,

How are they unalike? Let me count the ways:

Beats vs. Baggers

The Beats were a group of writers and artists who loved and explored alternate religions to Christianity. They pursued Buddhism and Zen.
Baggers are not writers, but the haters of books and intellectuals who mostly believe in a literal reading of the Bible.

The Beats explored and practiced expanded consciousness, including sexual experimentation with homosexuality, bisexuality, and group sex.
Baggers demonstrate reduced consciousness, conformity, and the denial of sexuality for anything but procreation. They condemn gays, want to outlaw the woman's choice of whether to have a baby, and even want to stop masturbation.  They have suggested that single, sexually active women should not be allowed to teach.

Beats reject materialism and brainwashing.
Baggers are funded by right wing billionaires who favor less taxes for the very rich. 

Beats are pro-ecology and love nature and the environment.
Baggers oppose any regulation of corporations, industry, or big oil. The environment is to be used up and wildlife is for the sport of hunters.

The Beats enjoyed being high on marijuana, for the most part.
Baggers don't even like tea and have no idea what the Boston Tea Party was about.

The Beats opposed war and the policies of Dick Nixon. They were diverse and fought for the rights of minorities.
The Baggers are mostly angry  white men and women who support spending more for the military , resent other ethnic groups, despise diversity, and are often bigots against blacks, gays, and women. Even the women in the movement oppose women's rights. 

The Beats were individuals, not a movement or party at all. The Hippie movement derived from the Beats, but was not a political movement either.
The Baggers are a political movement funded by the rich to help restore power to Republican corporate puppets.

The list of differences goes on...and on...


("I knew Allen Ginsberg. Allen Ginsberg was a friend of mine. Glenn Beck, you are no Allen Ginsberg." {Jack throws up} )


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