Friday, October 29, 2010

The Tea Party Patriots (Election Approaches)


Today's Tea Baggers worship the balls of the Koch Brothers. (click). The baggers  are  political finger puppets--  mean, cold, selfish, gun carrying fools of Rupert Murdoch, the Corporate CEOs who pay little or no taxes, the oil industry, and the mad hatters like G. Beck, Palin and other screaming loons who support reactionary 18th C. libertarianism. They would allow unlimited corruption, pollution, and abuse by an elite oligarchy that includes the Bushies and the Cheneys, Clarence Thomas and wife, Karl Rove, and the Republican fat cats who hate the poor, the middle class, and anyone not a member of their quail hunting, fast shooting club. How anyone who is not an indifferent, mindless multi-millionaire, living in a fantasy world where there is no global warming, where no one dies in wars, where gays are locked away, where Christmas is always white, could vote libertarian or Republican, when there is such suffering in the country and the world, is beyond me. Greed and ignorance to the point of self-mutilation are the order of the day.

Is there no way to lick the tea baggers? If only the Democrats had some balls...


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