Sunday, September 21, 2008

Marcia Ball

To celebrate Nisa's Birthday, we all went down to the Variety Playhouse and heard

Marcia Ball (click)

sing to us the best of New Orleans blues, jazz and Louisiana rhythm. It was a night to be remembered, reminding me how, when I lived just off the N'awlin's streetcar line, I swore I'd never inhabit a city like Atlanta. It made me long for the life there and the values, so opposite to this city too busy to give a damn.

Of course I thought of dear KT, who actually looks a bit like Marcia Ball, especially when she sang about not having a home to go back to and all the ravages of Katrina and Rita, and now Gustav and Ike. When she sang "they're trying to wash us away," about Louisiana, Dar and I were up front before the stage and I was glad to be wearing my "Make Levees, not war," T-shirt. Anyhow, It's too late and I've had too much Louisiana beer to do the concert and the performance justice. Here are two of the songs we heard:

We ended the night with Louisiana grub in Little Five Points: Nisa, Pamela, Dar, Wright, Myself, and the plant (You had to be there...)


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