Sunday, September 07, 2008


Remember the Bull Moose Party of 1912? It was a progessive endeavor to end political corruption and the power of big oil especially Standard Oil. It failed.

McCain and Bullwinkle-- not so funny anymore.

In showing clips of Teddy Roosevelt, the 2008 Republican Convention conjured up that progressive Bull Moose Party Roosevelt headed. However, the only similarity the present Republican presidential nominees have with the Progressives of 1912 are bull and moose: McCain's pretense of being a true maverick- bull, and Palin, the Oil-soaked moose hunter from Alaska.

McCain a symbol of Change? Come on...

What does the Obama/Biden ticket offer that's different? Look up the goals of the Progressive Party. Add to them the return of power to the middle class, the reform of health care, a woman's right to choose, equal rights for gays, the protection of Social Security, an end to aggressive wars, and a return to a position of leadership and responsibility globally, and you have some of it. Better yet, look at the two teams' sets of advisers. Ask which set really represents change.

Either that, or vote for 4 more years of cartoons.


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