Monday, August 25, 2008

Return to Camelot

Tonight's joint appearance of Statesman Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention embodied the heart of the Democrats and symbolized what the party has and should stand for: a good and decent life for everyone in this country. The Kennedys may be the elitist of the elite, the nobility of Camelot, but they have all given their lives to a universal round table with seats for all. John Kennedy stood for an end to segregation and continued the ever more inclusiveness of his party, a courageous commitment like Truman's commitment to ending segregation of blacks in the military. The alliance forged by the Kennedys with Martin Luther King, brutally attacked in the deaths of King and Bobby Kennedy, now takes the form of Ted Kennedy and the Obamas. Surely this is the path we shall take after the devastating corporate greed, catastrophic war, and sheer incompetency of Bush and the Republicans.



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