Friday, August 22, 2008


Change is the political cry of this season. The nation is weary of the downward spiral of the economy, the environment, and the cycles of war. The photo here is of hurricane Ivan, not so destructive as Katrina, but nonetheless an image of Nature's ability to change the landscape. To revolt.

Dar's and my life is changing. My retirement nears. The time for transitions in career and personal life are at hand. The horizon expands as old barriers of habit, complacency, and material comfort collapse.

I can't help thinking of Vishnu and Shiva, Hindu gods of the creative and destructive forces intermingling in all life forces. This year is one of primal forces at work, playing havoc, upturning conventions, whipping us all into a new shape.

Tonight the winds from Fay, a mere tropical storm over Florida, whip across Atlanta. My brother in Savannah told me band after band of wind and rain have swept over the marshes, beaches and city there. We have the winds of change literally here as a man of mixed blood, black and white, moves toward Denver to select the person who will help him bring change to the leadership of the country.

Change may bring sorrow: a mother's death, a loss of old friends, moving from a beloved home, giving up prized possessions. Yet it is the way of life and the way to create, the way to wisdom and the way to richer experience: new friends, new places to live, higher awareness. there can be no growth without change, especially growth of the spirit.

Here is another image of change, the creative force, and the power it entails:

Lava and Moonlight:

The ever growing, ever glowing,
Big Island of


photo by Dar



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