Monday, June 16, 2008

Love and the City

Sex and the City: The Movie
New Line Cinema, HBO Films

Getting every sort of review from 0 to 100, Sex and the City is a romantic fairy tale of a film about love in the Big Apple. It's hard to explain the fairy tale aspect without giving away a subtle hint given by the film itself. Let's just say it involves shoes; and anyone who knows who Carrie Bradshaw is, knows about her and shoes. So what's with the criticism that this story is predictable? DUH!
True, the film is not the witty sort of expose and ironic laughing at the whole New York scene that the series itself was. Its values are wrong: money as much as love conquers all. It panders to our grossest lust for frivolous, mindless shopping and travel. Lord, it makes the totally non-existential and anti-feminist claim that what makes these four women happy is marriage and babies and forgiving men their sins. Only Samantha escapes the marriage and baby trap.
So ultimately, the film is fluff. Go with that attitude, and it becomes not only fun, but good sentimental enjoyment. It's New York with all its fashion, style, glamor, and energy. It's the New York that the very rich and successful lap up. We know their woes are not permanent, that these characters will wash away their tears with the finest champagne. It's the life we all wish we could have, or at least have the opportunity to reject, after we have lived it a while.
The film's title is a bit misleading now, since sex and the city has become love and the city. But I say the moral of the movie, Eat, Drink, Be Merry, and put a little forgiveness in your love life, is just fine and makes for a delightful evening's entertainment.


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