Thursday, June 26, 2008

Going to the Blue Ridge Parkway

At the end of July, as Dar's birthday approaches, we shall join friends on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Here is a letter we received today from the Friends of the Parkway as entered on Gerry's Place:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway

A message from the Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway

(photo by Jack)

Dear Dr. Miller – Thank you for your email of June 25th. I talked with you on the phone last week, I believe it was, and told you then that we had received one memorial gift for your mother from Steve and Lee Killian of Charlotte, NC. Also I sent you an acknowledgement card, addressed to your and your brother Johnny, stating the same.

The address people should use for the Memorial Gifts for your mother is: FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway

PO Box 20986

Roanoke, VA 24018

Yes, your mother was a member of FRIENDS for many years, and we also want to honor her memory. Her name will be written in gold on recyclable paper and distributed in the planting soil as a memorial tree is planted at our next Viewshed planting on the Parkway. Also, her name, and those that send in Memorial gifts in her name, will be listed in our Spring/Summer 2009 High Vista newsletter.

You mentioned earlier that you would like to become a member of FRIENDS. When you join you will automatically receive a copy of the High Vista newsletter through the mail twice a year. Also, by sending in your email address you will also receive an enewsletter every month, giving you updates as to what is happening along the Parkway. I am going to send you a FRIENDS brochure today.

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