Saturday, February 02, 2008

Obama Madness (or the Man from Oahu)

The Democratic Debate in L.A. --attended by the Hollywood stars --was a love fest of reconciliation and shared causes.

CNN's Wolf's suggestion that there be a joint ticket with both of them drew ecstatic applause from the audience; smiles and laughter and even, in the end, a hug, from the two illuminati of the Party.

Is Barack Obama (click: wikipedia has a thorough overview) the Kennedy incarnation to resurrect Camelot? Blacks and youth around the country increasingly seem to believe so. Fine with me. But after watching with enthusiasm as these two senators showed their acumen, I was more than ever impressed with Hillary Clinton's knowledge and mastery of every issue and every nasty toss (were you naive?) from the media.

The Clinton and Obama ticket looks invincible to me. But if it's Obama and someone else seeking the presidency, let's all vote for a new Camelot.



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