Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Vote for... ME

After last night's fireworks-- the election and the weather-- a few things seem certain:

Global warming is causing horrendous storms across the U.S. With temperature in the 70s in Atlanta and in the 80s in Savannah in February, what else can we expect but tornadoes and thunderstorms?

We can also count on good, old John McCain to be the Republican nom. for the job he's wanted for decades. From the prison cage in Viet Nam to the White House, that is his dream. The hawk is circling ever closer to the eagle's nest.

What super hero from super Tuesday is there to stop this old hawk from striking? Well, we've learned from last night that blacks will overwhelmingly support a half-black candidate. Obama got the black vote; but he also got the male vote. The American male isn't quite ready for a woman pres.

Yet, what took Hillary Clinton to a win of the popular vote and a win of delegates is the female vote and the Latino vote. Because of them, she has a 100 delegate lead in the wild race to the convention, just six months away.

Get ready for a fight to the finish. What could happen is that Florida and Michigan will come into play. If neither Hillary not Obama goes into the convention with a clear majority of delegates, you can bet your galoshes there will be a big fight to seat delegates from those two powerhouse states. And that would give Hillary a victory.

Meanwhile, more states will vote Saturday. Big states like Texas will vote (early March). But because the Democrats award delegates proportionately, we have a long wait until a conclusion is likely. The debates will go mercilessly on. Men will vote for the man. Women will vote for the woman. Blacks will vote for the half-black. and the Latin community, including 12, 000,000 "illegal" immigrants may well decide who becomes the next President of the U. S.

The sad fact remains: people are NOT voting on the issues or the qualifications of the candidates; they are voting for the person most like themselves. Perhaps those who are the exception, voting for the person unlike themselves will tip the balance. Let's hope so, because the way of selfishness and greed leads to ruin.

Summary from CNN:

McCain claims he's front-runner; Dems split

McCain claims he's front-runner; Dems split

  • McCain cements GOP front-runner status with projected wins coast-to-coast
  • Democrats are evenly split between Clinton and Obama
  • Disappointing night for Romney; Huckabee surprises pundits
  • Next key primaries in VA, MD and D.C.
  • full story

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