Monday, November 12, 2007

Norman Mailer 1923-2007

Some tributes to Norman Mailer:

1) NPR's marvelous Mailer commentary (click)

2) Arianna Huffington

Heaven Just Got A Lot More Interesting

Posted November 12, 2007 | 04:22 PM (EST)

3) From the Guardian:

Norman Mailer  1923-2007

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Norman Mailer, 1923-2007
Norman Mailer reflects on turning 80The pugilist who wrote the story of America
He fought in the second world war, stabbed one of his six wives in the neck and wrote some of the most acclaimed literature and journalism of the 20th century. As tributes flow for the man who led a new generation of writers, we chart an extraordinary and full-blooded life
News: Norman Mailer dies at 84

Norman Mailer
Obituary: Giant of American literature - novelist, journalist, film director and two-time Pulitzer prize-winner - dies, aged 84

Farewell to Norman Mailer, a sexist, homophobic reactionary
Joan Smith characterises the late Norman Mailer as an arch-conservative who pulled off a stunning confidence trick

Farewell to a literary great, with chutzpah

Christopher Hitchens

4) Read the Village Voice on Mailer's achievements (click)

Photo by Christina Pabst
Mailer in the early Voice:
"Quickly: A Column for Slow Reade

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