Monday, April 10, 2006

Big Easy 2006

Not so big. Not so easy. The city that care forgot is now the city too few care about, a city forgotten by the rest of the nation.

New Orleans

April 9, 2006
photo: Jameson

While whole neighborhoods remain in ruin in New Orleans, much of the city is recovering, rebuilding, even thriving, especially the French Quarter and the "River Sliver" running uptown from Canal to Tulane and Audubon Park, including the Garden District. One of the best commentaries on the situation and the New Orleans power struggle is from The Nation:

Who Is Killing New Orleans?

On the up side, The Crescent City is full of Attitude: Photos--Biscuit Palace; Cornstalk
(by Jameson)

More photos taken by this Epicurean Hedonist are available here to show the continuing beauty and joy of this spirited place:

New Orleans
Springtime 2006

Happy Trails...


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