Wednesday, March 29, 2006


s the glaciers melt, making Greenland green, as scientists make pigs produce Salmon fat, our leaders continue to show the spine of jellyfish.

Beach Jelly: St. Simon. photo by Jameson

As CEOs, those not in court or jail, jetison ethics, their corporations accelerate Global Ruin. "Nothing in Moderation" is the cry of the Oil execs, the Car manufacturers, and most damning of all, the U.S. Consumer and the envious politicos of the developing nations.

Conservation is in eclipse. The socialist ideal of comfort and care for all is in eclipse. Peace has been eclipsed by the Bush war, by the 21st Century Crusade and the clash of the titan fundamentalisms. Sanity is in eclipse: and the Zone of Totality is a place of fearsome darkness...

The Zone of Totality
Crosses Turkey
March 29, 2006
(news photos)

Like Epicurus, I hide out in whatever garden I can find, knowing that it is deteriorating faster than the fading azaleas. But for now, we head to New Orleans, hanging garden on the edge of the Abyss..

Mother of Jameson:
"Stop Bitching"
photo: Jameson

Happy Trails...


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