Monday, May 28, 2018

Morgan Freeman and MeToo

Thoughtful article. I have no idea what MF did or didn't do, but the comment about wanting to return to the womb doesn't strike me as quite enough to destroy his career. It doesn't seem to me even remotely sexual. The attack on old people, especially celebrities who have said inappropriate comments over the years, I fear loses focus and takes MeToo from a meaningful exposure of rape, assault and abuse, from fighting the Trumps of the world who brag about sexual assault, to a questionable complaint about unwanted comments. Who has not made an inappropriate comment in their lives, women included? In my twenties I was approached by many women some of whom groped me in the discos. I did not want those touchings, but neither did it bother me much; I was even flattered by the lust intoxicated women showed for me. There are actions that need to be exposed and prosecuted, and thank MeToo for doing that. Coercive prodding from a boss to an employee should be called out. There are also stupid flirtations that should get the response, "That is insulting and offensive." Personally I do not understand the urge for non-consensual sex. For me and many of my male friends lack of desire or consent from another is a turn-off. We need more empathy, distinguishing between something that is not appropriate and something that is a crime. Otherwise, MeToo will cease to be effective, even reviled, rather than accomplishing the higher purpose of changing a culture which treats sex as one more acquisition, as something materialistic, rather than a way to express love for another human being.


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