Sunday, August 13, 2017

Special Birthdays

Married on my birthday, 2004

Some photos over the years:

The One and the Many

Baby Boomer I was born, first child to my parents who married in 1945 when the War ended. 

There were dramatic, interesting birthdays, good and bad, but the special 10 year birthdays stand out like an erect penis. 

At 10, I went with my family to Miami Beach for the first time. I had three broken toes and a cast on my foot that prevented my swimming.

20 found me in my first menage a trois, totally in love, the three of us in Washington, DC together. Months later I withdrew from U.Va. as forlorn as a Simon and Garfunkel song.

30 took me West, to San Francisco and Big Sur. I wrote a short story of our erotic night driving to Tulsa on my birthday.

40 took me to England with my mother, aunt, and two Killians. It was a lark given me by my wife at the time. I especially loved Cornwall and the Lake district where we visited the home of William Wordsworth.

For my 50th birthday, Darryl bought me 50 long-stem roses and 50 bottles of Veuve Clicquot. We had an all night party to remember.

At 60, my ex-wife threw a huge, wonderful party at her home, planned as well by Darryl and Jocelin, attended by a wealth of my friends. We went on to party all night at the Georgian Terrace.

At 65, Maggie and Joce gave me Japan. The place was my choice when they presented the gift of going anywhere on Earth. It was a transformative gift. I did not go, however, until April of 2013. For my actual birthday in 2012, I flew to England to see Joe as Casca in the highly acclaimed production by the RSC of Julius Caesar. Then I returned home for parties galore and a trip to Mt. Pisgah.

This year, I turned 70 at work. But we celebrated Darryl's birthday in Asheville and the mountains along with the Killian brothers. Travel to Cape Cod, where we were married, is a gift to enjoy in the future.

Cape Cod


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