Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Below: Andrew Johnson and Donald Trump


As we prepare to see the shadow of the moon eclipse the sun this August, I can't help thinking that the total eclipse might be a symbol of the light of reason being snuffed out by the irrational movements of our president. If impeachment becomes as inevitable as the eclipse is, we shall witness American History sinking into darkness as it did with Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. 

Andrew Jackson was impeached to a large extent for his firing of the Secretary of War. He fought with a Congress eager to remove him, and the history of his survival of the Senate Trial by one vote is a fascinating story. 

Nixon did not give Congress the chance actually to impeach him, resigning when it was all too obvious what Congress would do. He was not impeached; but then he was the only president, so far, forced to leave office.

Clinton became Republican revenge. Among other things, Congress impeached him for lying about his affair. Few today think the impeachment was justified. His acquittal after a pompous show trial in a Senate, supervised by a gaudily robed Chief Justice, was a foregone conclusion and wound up adding to Clinton's popularity and approval, much to Republican dismay.

If Trump's collusion with Russians or his obstruction of justice  are proven, he will also be impeached. However, it may be that only some of his associates will be charged with crimes. The new special counsel, Robert Mueller, will determine how far up to go with his investigation. As Senator McCain remarked, the investigation could well echo Watergate.

My hope is that the hypocrisy, the fawning, the greed, and the corruption of the Republican Party will finally be seen for what they are, that Republicans will be soundly rejected by voters nationwide. My faith in the electorate hit an all time low last November, and it will take a lot to convince me that the electorate can overcome prejudice, stupidity, apathy, greed, and naivete in order to elect to office those who care about ordinary people, those in need, and the Earth itself. 

We count on the sun returning after the eclipse, just as we count on reason and integrity to return to our government after the current darkness.


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