Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blame Democrats, Right?

Trump's military build up will probably lead to war. We have yet to see the scale of that war; but it could even involve nuclear weapons. The Republican war on the environment will lead to ecological catastrophe and the projected global extinction of half the species on Earth by century's end. The attack on medicare, healthcare generally, and social security will lead to sickness and suffering all across the country. The hate of Trump's followers and the bigotry of many Republicans are spreading, not only against Muslims, but against Jews, African-Americans, and immigrants, not to mention gays. These are the realities. Yet people are still attacking HRC and the Democrats, saying they are the same as Republicans. There may no longer be an opposition party in the near future, and we shall live in a totalitarian, one party state. As a democratic socialist, I'd love to see an egalitarian state run by those who care deeply about peace, erasing poverty, and universal healthcare and protection from pollution. But we are not going to get anywhere near those goals by attacking Democrats. Sanders and Ellison realize that.
But many of their followers are still spewing their venom that is poisoning the rest of us and the planet. We are doomed, as I see it, because of such self-righteousness. We are faced with two choices, live in an Epicurean Garden (which faces the same fate as that of the Finzi-Continis) or sit naked like Diogenes in a tub and wait for the end.
(like) Michael Carroll, Marcia Kendle and Richard Funderburke 



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