Saturday, December 03, 2016

Best Times

Pay attention; the best times of your life may be passing you by...
 --Chinese Fortune Cookie
It is difficult for me to stop writing about the doom of the next 4-8 years when so many liberals and moderates keep writing about opposition to Trump, and how Bernie and Dems will halt the coming onslaught. How I hope my reasoning is incorrect. But every day, every appointment, every indication points not to a passing few years of trouble, but rather an irreversible catastrophe. T. and his team stand for and have fought for years to repeal the Great Society of Johnson and the progressive achievements of FDR. We shall see a radical dismantling of social programs. We shall see enormous infringements of civil rights. We shall see nothing short of war on the environment, undoing protections to water and air. It will be a war on science across the board. Religious fervor will be encouraged, especially by the fanatical Pence. Some of T.'s team actively want to bring on the religious apocalypse. Really. And that leads to a war on Islam. It leads to a possible nuclear war with N. Korea. Is that what we shall survive? Will we be able to make everything OK again in 2020 or 2024? The biggest danger of all is complacency, thinking we can weather T. as we weathered Matthew and other natural disasters that will be increasing exponentially. We are a stupid, complacent, superstitious people, afraid to admit and face the truth. I guess the solution for me is to listen to a nice violin concerto as T. stokes the burning of the planet. At almost 70, I can do that. Millennials will not be so lucky.

Soloist: Itzhak Perlman Conductor: Eugene Ormandy Philadelphia Orchestra I'm sorry the video and audio are not quite together at the end.
Daniel Daigle You have said it perfectly.
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Anita Ford Every day my worst fears are becoming reality.. well said Jack
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Paul Allen You are right. When we read how Hitler did it, sneaking in and infiltrating institutions, it's more scary every day. We are watching it happen. On inauguration day I wish all who voted for Trump and down-ballot Republicans would swarm the mall in protest, millions.
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Judi Duffy I have caught myself thinking "well, I'll probably be dead before things get too bad" lately. It's a serious sign that things are this bad and I can't imagine any way to survive the coming apocalypse other than to not survive it.
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Jack Miller Same here.

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