Saturday, October 29, 2016

Carnage in America

American Horror Story

Speaking of American Horror Story, the camp, cult goings on in this scream of a series create the perfect metaphor for what is happening in this country and this election. There is so much mayhem and so many twists, and so many gruesome or sexually perverse happenings, that all hope of sanity and reason is lost. Halloween is but a footnote. As one character in the series remarks, "I'm not from the United States; I'm not used to all this carnage."
Kathy Bates gives a tour-de-force performance as the wall-to-wall carnage begins.
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Don Lawson There's a book you may wish to know about--In the Dust of this Planet, by Eugene Thacker. It argues that horror is the only genre adequate for the depiction of contemporary life.
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Jack Miller
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Politics has seeped like pollution into every decision that is made these days. Forget justice or fairness. Make no mistake, there is nothing incriminating in this so-called investigation of an aide's laptop. They have already reviewed every email on HRC's server. Any emails here would be from HRC's aide or emails already reviewed. This was a political decision to please Republican members of Congress and attempt to change the election outcome. It is unethical and Republican Comey should resign or be reprimanded for gross interference with a national election a week and a half before election day. Hopefully, the electorate will see through his politically motivated decision.
Comey’s decision to make public new evidence, which may raise additional legal questions about Clinton, has raised concern among legal authorities.
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Jack Miller I'd like to add that Comey obviously knew that linking Anthony Wiener to Clinton, however indirectly, would give fuel to Republicans. That makes his timing even more damning. I do hope he is fired or seriously reprimanded after the election.
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Jack Miller Another point: I gave up on institutions being for justice when the 5 Republican Supreme Court Justices stopped the FL recount in Bush v. Gore. When you think back on cross-dressing FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, you have to realize how involved they can be in politics. It is sad and disillusioning; but a fact nonetheless.

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