Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thoughts on viewing the Democratic Convention

Ask me. Ask me if I am glad I watched every major speech tonight. Has there ever been a greater contrast between the hate and doom of last week and the sheer inspiration and vision of those who spoke tonight? With this sort of inspiration, intelligence, and compassion, Hillary will win as she deserves to win-- by a landslide. Of course the media are already busy with their idiotic narrative about how close the polls are. They focus on dissension just as Sanders claimed. When MSNBC singled out a disappointed Bernie supporter to show that some Bernie delegates remain Bernie or Bust, contrary to everything he said tonight, it became obvious how all the news networks want disharmony and fighting rather than unity. I'd go so far as to say one reason the two major parties are so at each other's throats is because of media exaggeration. I switched off the T.V. We need sane, honest news reporting that isn't based on ratings and profits. Accolades to Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, all of whom gave such beautiful, honest, moving speeches. Read them. Listen to them. They are among the best the country has produced.

Of course, it is easy and noble-sounding to support the positions of  Cornel West and Jill Stein. It reminds me of Ted Cruz: Vote your conscience. Those who have the luxury of being unaffected directly by a Trump presidency can fill themselves with self-congratulation and pride for holding to their high-minded principles. If they once liked Bernie Sanders, they now ignore his wisdom and his warnings. 

People who vote for candidates they know have no chance of winning are nihilists. Ecological destruction, no health care, the erasure of any minimum wage, tax breaks and no regulation for the oil companies, what do those things matter to people who already have well-funded incomes, paid healthcare, and a big following because they are so good at attacking what they call the status quo? Voting for the better candidate would not force them to cease criticism, or in any way diminish their message. They could work for Green Party candidates for the House or Senate, for Green officials at the state level. But that doesn't seem to move them. They would rather get on news programs and attack. Damn the consequences. Theirs is not about improving the country; their attacks are about bringing on the most horrible outcome imaginable. They share with the far right a hunger for the apocalypse. They share a kind of religious fervor that ignores the plight of millions and refuses to heed the intelligent reasons Sanders and Elizabeth Warren gave so eloquently for voting for Hillary Clinton. If they are not convinced now, they will never be. Stop lauding these stubborn nihilists and their willful attempt to take us back to the Bush years and worse. In my view, such people are far worse than the Trump fanatics who don't know better. Rip off their masks of progressive ideals and reveal the ideologues and self-righteous egos underneath.


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