Saturday, April 30, 2016

President Clinton

President Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton speaking at an event in Des Moines, Iowa

Now that New York and most of the Northeastern states have voted, HRC is ahead of Bernie Sanders by 3 million votes because she has a realistic approach to leadership while Bernie remains a visionary dreamer. I understand and empathize with millennials who support him and want to transform the country and the political system. That is what I hoped for in the 1970s. Any reasonable look at what is happening in the country as a whole shows us that the country is not ready to make that leap of faith. Trump is doing a better job rousing the irate anti-establishment vote than Bernie. Worse, many Bernie supporters have made an atheist into a religion. How is that for irony? They allow no criticism at all of their political Messiah. Meanwhile, they turn Hillary into some evil pawn of Wall St. and the oil industry, despite all the facts and evidence to the contrary. It is misguided, false and absurd, failing to acknowledge Hillary's years of progressive achievements. Come June, I predict Bernie Sanders, himself, will support and endorse the future President Clinton. 

and The New York Times:

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