Monday, February 08, 2016

Mardi Gras Eve and Eve of the N.H. Primary

'Tis the night before Mardi Gras and I'd love to be in my shotgun apartment near the Garden District off St. Charles again. Such amazing Dionysian times they were in the 70s. How bored I am with the ever more hysterical news, comments, articles, and FB posts about this year-long election process. So much of the same hysteria I heard back when poor Hubert Humphrey ran for president and lost because of the onslaught from the Left and the onslaught from the Right. And here we are talking about "real change" once again, reliving the McGovern dream, the stand by your principles Nader, the idealist whose parents came from Lebanon and taught him Arabic. It isn't possible not to wonder what he must have thought as he watched W. Bush destroy the Middle-East. Nader lived in a fantasy world I think many on the Left still live in. Every time I read or hear the rabid attack they make on Hillary, the more I am inclined to vote for her. Hillary Clinton is not the enemy of humanists and ecologists, of those who believe in civil rights and the rampant destruction of the environment by corporations. Is she as liberal as Bernie, as much fun, as dynamic, as poetic? Hell no. She is pragmatic and serious. I have more faith in her moving the country more to the left than in Bernie's dreams of revolution. But I love them both and want either of them to champion the cause of stopping the insane candidates, the Republicans now in line to ruin the country and the planet. We can only stop someone far, far worse than Nixon or Bush from coming to power if we unite to support the Democrats. We need to do this on the Congressional level as well. After tomorrow (Mardi Gras), take off your mask of outrage, of hysteria, and support calm, sane, determined work to get Democrats elected nationwide. Please.

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