Monday, December 07, 2015

Death and Eroticism

We learn about guns early on.
Some learn about hate at the same time.
Shall I name those in my life who have died by guns
or by violence?
"Those not busy being born are busy dying."

Thanatos and Eros dominate our lives. Take TV. Sunday, I watched The Affair, Homeland, and The Leftovers. All three plunge into death, sex, and their inextricable connection.Smashing walls in desperation or despair over sex and/or death is found often, as in The Leftovers or in the season finale of Doctor Who, consumed with death-- both pictured here.
Oh, it goes beyond mere TV shows. What Shakespeare play or sonnet has not dwelled substantially on death and sex? What explains the mass killings of terrorists more than their obsession with unconventional or non-conformist sex, the freedom of women, and death to infidels? Could it be that Freud was correct in his assessment of our impotence before these urges? Wasn't Marx correct in his decrying the danger of religion, it's fervor, its obsession with death, its life-denying dictates upon sexuality, its violence ? Its use by those in power to stay there ? We cannot, it appears, wall out our wayward urges or keep away the head-hunting, murderous hordes of lost souls.

And I haven't even mentioned American Horror Story.

You've Got to be Taught How to Hate

With Love,


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