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Holidays in New Orleans and Savannah 2014-2015

New Orleans and Savannah

The road to the Gulf-- Starr's Prius

Joseph Mydell and Alfred Corn: Georgia Actor; Georgia Poet...

Eight days into January and I feel at last that we are home and the holidays complete. The drive to New Orleans, especially the 8 hour return in the rain, wore us out; but did not diminish the fullness of culinary excess we experienced at Galatoire's Restaurant - New Orleans, the Gumbo Shop, Tujague's Restaurant, and especially Susan Spicer's Mondo. The art we saw, beginning in Atlanta with the Cezanne and post-Impressionists show and the exquisite photographs of Gordon Parks at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, continuing with the Basquiat show at the Ogden Museum, and art galleries, continued on to Savannah, with the innovative interpretation of Dante's Divine Comedy (click) by several African artists. In New Orleans, Joe purchased a painting at the Antieau Gallery (click). We also visited Longue Vue House and Gardens where we saw and purchased some of the gorgeous jewelry of Mario Villas (click).

If food and art were themes of the holidays, so too was camaraderie. Despite Darryl's ducking into and hibernating in our luxurious suite at the Place D'Armes, there was much walking the Quarter, hearing music, and good conversation among Joe, Starr, KT, and me. Starr, Joe, and I took the St. Charles Streetcar uptown for a look at Tulane, Audubon Park, and the grand houses from the Garden District to the Camellia Grill, where we stopped for a late lunch or a piece of Coconut Cream Pie.
Starr and Joe on the
St. Charles Streetcar

In Savannah, Alfred Corn joined Joe, Effie, Darryl and me for walks downtown, a sort of VIP visit to the Flannery O'Connor Childhood Home, provided by Jane Fishman, and a stroll on the wind-swept beach by Dar, Alfred, and me-- before joining John for the traditional fresh shrimp at CoCo's Sunset Grille. Conversation was always lively, whether over a game of Scrabble or sitting on the Jasper House balcony having breakfast. On our walks, I pointed out Savannah's key houses and gave a few stories of clandestine trysts therein. On our final evening in Savannah, John, Joe, and I attended the classical performance at the Unitarian church featuring Effie and others. We followed the music with our own reception; then dinner at Vic's on the River.
[  Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah ]

The concert this past Sunday was glorious, featuring pianists Sanford Jones & Marvin Keenze, soprano Stacey Stephens, & violinist Effie Mydell. What a warm and welcoming crowd we had, too - even with a tornado warning outside!

Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah

Dad and Dar can Dance

John and Dar also joined me for a riverside get-together with Dad, now a doting 93.

 Darryl accompanied me to a celebration of Albion's Voice, where I spoke along with Bill Strong and former Mayor and activist Otis Johnson.

Connect Savannah published an account of the reunion:

For New Year's Eve, John, Alfred, and I walked to the river where, just as we set foot on the plaza near the Waving Girl, the fireworks show burst into action. 2015 has arrived.

Enjoy our  Photographs of our Holidays (click):
Christmas Day: Jackson Square and St. Louis Basilica

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