Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All You Need Is...

Eytan Fox's movie, "The Bubble"

There have been moving stories and films about love between a Palestinian and a Jew, including some gay films that go to the heart of the struggle for peace, at times showing the incomprehension of those who love with their respective governments and societies. It is sad and horrifying how long hatred can perpetuate even when its source has been long forgotten. Think of the senseless wars that went on for centuries between Protestants and Catholics. Think of the thousand years of strife between Sunni and Shia. Often the individuals have no idea why there is strife at all, though many do get their sense of dislike from their religious organizations. Is there a two state solution for Israel/Palestine? A three state solution for Iraq? Wouldn't it be best if different religious groups could live together tolerant and accepting of one another? The death of Romeo and Juliet enlightened the Capulets and the Montagues. Why don't we all learn that loving neighbors is superior to hating them? Is the flaw in religion itself, an insecurity that makes us wonder if the others, the Hindus or the Buddhists are going to find paradise while we are locked out? When religion teaches love of humanity, I think it splendid; but that seems rarely to be the case or the practice. Christians throughout history were giving only when others converted, if even then. Religion is too often like capitalism, creating elite classes of those who get the promised land, while most people are shut out, no matter how destructive and inhuman the treatment of the outcasts is.


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