Friday, June 20, 2014

Just a Dozen Years Ago

Ah, 2002-- It was a very good year...

(Reprinted from a Born-Again website)

Jan: Spain, Baltimore.
Feb: Tucson, Memphis.
Mar: Chattanooga; Savannah; Seattle.
Apr: San Francisco, Big Sur.
May: Charleston-- Spoleto.
June: Savannah.
July: Provincetown.
Aug: Alaska; Seattle.
Sept. Savannah.
Oct: Asheville. New Orleans.
Nov: Washington, Baltimore; Cape Cod.
Dec: San Antonio, Savannah. Dublin, Ireland.
Mar 2003: Hawaii

We began 2002 in Spain. In Madrid we stayed at the Palace Hotel and we luxuriated in the splendid Alfonso XIII in Seville. We also visited the Alhambra in Granada and were given a tour of the city by one of its nicest citizens.

Later in January we flew to snowy Baltimore to visit Paula and Joe and celebrate Jess' 21st birthday. We visited the wonderful Walters Museum (where Paula works) and saw the Marvelous Matisse collection of the Cone sisters at BMA. We also celebrated the move into Paula and Joe's lovely new home.

In February, we enjoyed a few days in Tucson, staying at the delightful Arizona Inn. From there, we visited Sequaro National Park and Sabino Canyon. The open desert landscapes and mountains gave us fresh air.

In March, Dar visited Eric in Seattle. We also visited Savannah and Daufauskie Island with Starr and Bruce. We had steamed oysters at Teeples and dined at the Pink House. Previously, we spent two weekends in Tennessee, first in Memphis where we saw some great tennis, including matches of Roddick and Blake. Then we went to Chattanooga to visit Dar's Grandmother and family and Weiss House on Lookout Mt. where we had culinary delights.

April in California, we basked above the Pacific in the hot tubs of Esalen. We stayed in a cabin in Pfeiffer State Park and dined at the Sierra Mar restaurant of the Post Ranch Inn. We met Eric in Monterey and saw the amazing aquarium there. Along Highway 1 and in sunny San Francisco, we got tans riding in our convertible. We watched the sunset from the Beach Chalet with Polly and Alan, whose stories livened the evening. Click "Big Sur," above, for a glimpse of our trip.

We began the summer with Spoleto in Charleston, where we heard the clear, lovely voice of Tierney Sutton, and saw John Hurt in Brien Friel's latest play. We also stayed on the Isle of Palms. In June, we went to Tybee with the Killians, followed by a trip to New Orleans where we saw "Chicago," and had a delightful time with KT and Roger. For the 4th of July, we went to Cape Cod, and stayed in P'town at the Land's End Inn. The beach and town were a perfect blend of sun, surf, and seafood.

Alaska in August was amazing. We flew to Seattle to take Holland America's Amsterdam north to Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan and the awesome Hubbard Glacier. For Labor Day we had 4 enjoyable days in Savannah. Then Dar flew to New York where he saw Hairspray on Broadway.

In November in Washington and Baltimore we Visited with Paula and Joe, took in the Walters Museum's collection, saw the wonderful Bonnard show at the Phillips in DC, and attended the CES conference. Gov. Howard Dean was charming when I told him of our civil union in Vermont.

After the election, we took in the antidote to the debacle--a party with and a performance by John Waters. It was a Divine evening, from the cocktails, "sex in the city"s to the banter with the master of sleaze, himself. John gave us an hour-long stage and vaudeville act recounting the high lights of his life of film to a screaming, adoring audience at the Rialto (our favorite theatre.) Then we all were treated to "Female Trouble," from the Divine abuse of the Christmas tree to the shocking end in the electric chair.
Waters, of course, was charming as Dar and I sat and talked with him at the Mumbo Jumbo party about P'town and Baltimore. He was so modest! When we told him about our upcoming visit toHampden neighborhood in Baltimore with Paula and Joe, he said, "You'll love it there. That's where I made 'Pecker." What a sweetheart!

A Ben Franklin Academy graduate served us delicious food and beverages during the party; then Jess, Dar, numerous friends, and I crossed the windy boulevards of downtown Atlanta to the Rialto for the performances. Republicans were reduced to just another excuse for counter-cultural excess! Nixon, Reagan, and the bushes--prods to get us out of our Bourgeoise complacency and make us aware that life is more than an SUV and a gun. More than oil and its byproducts. More than money. More even than Power. Trash is more than pollution and religion is more than self-righteous posturing. Amen. In short, we had an unforgetable night. And next week, we go to celebrate Thanksgiving in Provincetown--Thanks indeed! Thank you Buddha. Thank you Pan. And thank you most of all John Waters for an enchanted evening.

We heard the incomparable Maureen McGovern at the Rialto. We went to Asheville with Pamela and Bob and met up with David Perkins for the Mars Hill Homecoming. The Killians joined us as well. Dar spent a weekend in New Orleans(check out the link to Bourbon Street), where he attended Halloween parties and saw the play Gross Indecency with KT. They also went to church and returned to Cafe Sbiza for a fab dinner.

For T'giving we returned to Cape Cod and Provincetown; then in Dec., to San Antonio for the Southern Assn. of Colleges Conference. 

For Christmas vacation, Savannah, and Dublin, Ireland where we celebrated New Years Eve. 

We flew first class to Hawaii in March 2003

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