Sunday, August 18, 2013

Collage #4

Life Collage 4

Kurt Schwitters
Das Undbild

Life's Images- wandering alone through gallery after gallery of Matisse paintings all done in Nice, staring through my refracting telescope at Saturn's rings, making love at Mardi Gras simultaneously to my Jewish girlfriend and a student from the University of Maryland, eating Oysters Rockefeller with my Aesthetics professor in New Orleans, teaching math to 13- year-olds as they shot each other with spit wads, downing a stein of Bavarian Beer high up in Mad Ludwig's castle on my 23d birthday, feeding a wild kangaroo on a deserted beach in New South Wales, publishing a critique of two art shows, one in Savannah, another in Atlanta, that raised enjoyable protest, celebrating a show of my photographs in the SCAD gallery in Savannah, drinking cerveza and sleeping with a Zapotec in Oaxaca, being knocked out of breath after falling off a swing in the playground of my elementary school, looking like a snowman naked on a beach in Westerland filled with tan Scandinavians near the border of Denmark and Germany,  seeing Forsyth Park deconstructing into the molecular structure of its azaleas,  boating with my Mom  on the canals of Amsterdam, sitting by the fire near Mt. Pisgah dazzled by the glimmer of the Milky-way overhead, being wheel-chaired into my hotel in Kyoto, ducking with my husband into the Inuit Clan House near Ketchikan, Serving roast beef po-boys at Billy's Home Cooking, mourning the murder of my best friend from a quiet little house in Canton Ohio, sitting in a tavern in Mykonos with my brother watching the men dance to Greek music, gasping for breath as my partner and I nearly drown in the pool below a waterfall in Hawaii, having a beer with Jamie Cullum at Jimmy’s Corner after his break-through performance at the Oak Room of the Algonquin, completing my Master’s Thesis on D.H. Lawrence, chatting with Lawrence Ferlinghetti at a wine reception at City Lights, and writing and writing…

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